needs you.
- our next partner?

We need partners to¬†help our customers onboard and improve the Automation value, we’ll share clients with you.

Leads sharing with partners

As a partner we send potential new clients. Partners are earning commission and work with the client on their webshops.

Bring your own clients

If you have clients that might get value from, you can earn a large part of the revenue

Dual benefit for agencies

As a partner you can work with the clients on other projects, allowing you to earn revenue from both commission and other services

The commission structure
is based on

You make 10% commission on leads you provide to us.

You make 10% commission on leads we provide – and you set up.

For the customers that you provide and set up, you’ll get 25% commission.

You also get access to:

Technical support

Free automations

Direct client access

Prioritised features

The tech setup is simple
Automation offers everything.

For agencies we offer one solution for all needs the clients may have. Mostly no-code, but the great thing is, there’s an open API waiting for your developers! And if they miss a feature, we make it…

Rapid development cycles

We deploy new code every week in production. And help you solve almost anything if your clients need it.

The API and our partners come first

Our software is built around the API. Therefore you can access anything in

What you can do with

As a partner you can provide some elaborate no code solutions to clients and earn both commission and hours on the setup. Our mission is to make it simple for you to onboard clients, but we believe in partners and agencies for the advanced e-commerce automation possibilities we provide.

Stay focused on the client
Let us handle the automations?

There is no shame in being busy. team helps you set up Automations when needed. Yep, you got it, you can get commission even when we do the technical work


Can I use for my clients?

Absolutely. That's the idea. If you fill out the form, you'll earn commission and get several benefits.


Who do I talk to if I have questions?

When becoming a partner, you'll get an email to a developer who can code what you request.


Do I get any training?

YES! We hope that we can set up a few sessions with you to get you started.


Does it work with Woo? Shopify? Laravel?

Yes. You can integrate it into any webshop system with an API. We offer out of the box plugins for the most common solutions like WooCommerce and Shopify.

Get started

Partnership is currently free

We offer free partnerships – most likely forever to the early partners that join us. But … partnership positions are limited, join now to get into the party, before the queue builds.